Monday, January 19, 2015

How To Get DayZ Standalone, With Multiplayer! FREE

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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Public BF3 Hack | Undetected

bf3 mp

PBSS Protected!

BF3 - Full :

One hit kill
Health Bar


BF3 - ESP Only :

Health Bar

To activate the hack Press (INSERT)
To use the Aimbot use the (Middle) mouse button.

Ultimate Server Hack

mw3 mp
- 1. Run MW3 MP
- 2. Run NoobHack_Reloaded.exe (Run as Administrator)


Saturday, April 5, 2014

Tekno Multihack [Fixed]

Hi Gamers! 

Well, I have seen a lot of people having problems with the old version of this hack.

So i have Fixed this issue and uploaded the new dll .

Previous Hack can be found here: Original/Previous Version

*Note I don't own this hack neither i made it, it's the fixed version of previous hack*

Now You must not get any issues like name being change to "......", "Invisible name error" or crashing.


Name ESP.
Distance ESP.
Bones ESP.
Line ESP.
Box ESP.
Aimbot(includes: )

-Human Aimbot.
-Auto Shoot.
-Auto Zoom.
-Aim Bone(1 - Head, 2 - Neck, 3 - Chest).
-Aim Style(1 - Closest to crosshair, 2 - Closest to you).
-Aim Speed(configurable - Human Aimbot).
-Name Steal.
-Auto Wall.[*]Hack Spam.
No Recoil.
No Spread.
Advanced UAV.
No Fog.
Crosshair(up to 7 colors).
End Round(enable and use END to activate it).
Auto Unban - [Removed due to multiple issues.]

mw3 mp

Download :

Note:  Download tow files. first start Extreme Injector and browse Barata's Tekno Multihack [Fixed].dll and inject. Run Game and Enjoy.


Friday, December 13, 2013

Steam OS [Valve's free Linux-based operating system]

Steam OS

Put on your boot partitions—the SteamOS beta has released to the public alongside the initiation of its beta program, which will put 300 prototype Steam Machines into the wild. For the estimated 7,129,999,700 of us not selected for that program, a living room machine running the new, free, Linux-based OS is still doable, though installing it may require some tinkering—Valve suggests you wait until 2014 unless you're an "intrepid Linux hacker." Challenge accepted.

At the time of writing, Valve has not officially announced that SteamOS 1.0 "Alchemist" is available for download. We expect a page to go live at later today. [Update: it's live.] Steam Universe group officer Jvert (presumably Valve engineer John Vert), however, has confirmed that the correct download link is at Steam Powered OR Torrent

Unfortunately, that download will most likely fail right now. To help spread the data, Steamdb has created an unofficial torrent, but use caution when downloading from any unofficial source. [Update: Valve has provided MD5 and SHA512 checksums to verify that your download is genuine.] You can find system requirements and installation instructions in the official FAQ—note that AMD graphics cards are not currently supported.

SteamOS is meant to free Steam's game library from the desktop, extending Valve's domain to the living room with a superior couch-based PC experience and some of the features that have become standard on consoles, such as media streaming services. For Valve, it's also about declaring freedom from Microsoft—SteamOS will only run games with Linux support (of which we expect to see many more in the coming year). That bold statement is tempered by the ability to stream games from a Windows PC to SteamOS over a local area network, though how much it's tempered will depend on how well streaming works.

We'll be playing with SteamOS this weekend, and plan to have impressions and installation tips for you as soon as possible. If you're the patient type, Valve's Steam Controller and third-party Steam Machines will be available until next year, no "Linux hacking" required, presumably.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

MODERN WARFARE 3 (DLC 1+2+3+4) 100% FREE

mw3 mp maps

All links lead to magnet URIs, use any modern torrent client to download.
Open the .iw5dlc file to install - requires the latest version of IW5M.
The free Face Off maps and Terminal can be obtained by verifying your game files using Steam - you may need to remove caches.xml from the game directory to get IW5M to work properly again.
Note to seeders: all files except for the .iw5dlc match the original files - you don't need to download them all off of the initial seed.

100% FREE Download

Thursday, September 20, 2012

MW3 Terminal | Free Map

MW3 Terminal

MW3 Terminal

            This map, which is an airport terminal, is full of luggage, bars, and small shops; the outside area of the map, where planes and cargo are stationed, has many tiny areas that are accessible as well.
Security checkpoints and barricades make the map very maze-like. Players can even head inside one of the planes. This and the indoor areas can provide some cover from enemy killstreaks, but there are many overhead windows that should be avoided indoors, so the plane is the safest place to be as it is well protected from any airborne threat. The main hallway overlooking the outside part the map which has been given the name the Hallway of Death, should be avoided the most. The store in the centre of the map is an excellent place to go as it has views outside the airport as well as being adjacent to the hallway.

The map is mainly filled with tight turns and medium range combat. As a result, Assault Rifles and SMGs are most effective, and thus most common, while Grenade Mortaring is common where guns don't always have straight lines of sight. Smoke Grenades are useful for moving around the map without drawing sniper fire.

Because of the large amount of glass on the map, attaining FMJ penetration kills is more common on Terminal than on other maps with little cover such as Wasteland.

Also, the jetway connecting the plane to the terminal building has an open section above the plane's door which allows space for Predator Missiles and other such explosive weapons to enter.
                                                                                                                                ( source : )

MW3 Terminal
Free Download Now 
Free Download Now



CoD Modern Warfare 3 DLC Collection 1&2

CoD Modern Warfare 3 DLC Collection 1&2

CoD Modern Warfare 3
▒▐█▄█▀▒██▄▄█▒▐█▄█ Collection 1&2
100 % ℉ℜ∃€

Download Torrent
Download Torrent (thepiratebay)
Direct Download

.ff goes into /zone/dlc
.iwd goes into /main


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Modern Warfare 3 - MultiTools

mw3 MultiTools

CoD Modern Warfare 3

  1. Open MW3-MultiTools.exe
  2. Run  Modern Warfare 3
  3. In Game,
                 Press F11 Activated Cheat
                 Press F8 No Spread
  4. Enjoy !

 Download Now

Ammo Hack v1.7 © by AluCore

Ammo Hack v1.7

CoD Modern Warfare 3
Ammo Hack

  1. Open AmmoHackV1.7.exe
  2. Run  Modern Warfare 3
  3. Go to Desktop & Set Ammo (eg.Primary 241 , Secondary 900)
  4. Enjoy !